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Neujahrswünsche auf Englisch



Neujahrswünsche auf Englisch

The old year, my dear
is going away,
but good things stay here
to lead us the way.
And in the new year
I will be at your side
to dry all your tears,
if life makes you cry.

It is over now, the year,
but it is not over
between you and me.
We’ll start it with plans
and without any fear,
every year offers chances
to make it better, my dear.

Year after year is going by,
some made us sad, some feeling high,
this year was not the very badest,
no big success, but not the sadest,
the new one gives, Lord, signs of hope,
don’t let us stumble, when we lope.

In the lifes’ mighty jungle,
we take care, that we don’t stumble,
so many hindrances are based,
while we’re on earth, where we’ve been placed.
Nobody asked us to come here,
so small creatures, full of fear,
and spending year after a year
until the end, when we get seared.

Next year, that is my big request,
I want a loving man,
with him I will stay all the rest,
and love him, as much as I can.
Next year, I’ll be a good, good girl,
that never curses, never sins,
the best one in the whole wide world,
forget the old year, the new one begins.

Mummy, Daddy, please don’t cry,
a new year will start now,
and let the old one slowly go by,
I’m through with it, somehow.
Mummy, Daddy, please don’t cry,
I also will not do,
and please stop asking always why,
Mum, Dad, I love you, too.

Between December and January
is between the old and the new,
and every year there’s a chance to get free,
a chance of coming through.
And New Year’s pledge will hold not long,
perhaps some seven days,
how much we wish that we get strong,
but slightly we’re drifting away.

Weak and pale I leave the year,
or the year is leaving me,
too much wine and cigarettes
much too blind to see.
Every year the same old song,
dreams of getting better,
weak and pale, but never strong,
my Lord, what an empty natter.

One more year is passing by,
a year of empty hopes,
never ask the reason why,
life’s opera is full of soap.
One more year is coming now,
for puppets on the string,
I’m never, never asking why,
why God did clip my wings.

Bereits seit dem Jahr 2006 veröffentliche ich Sprüche, Gedichte und Wünsche rund um das Thema Silvester und Neujahr.

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